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Jamal Mohamed Riyadh 2004-05-17 06:41:12

Assalamu Alikum va., My dear Riaz how R U i am very happy to see this site alhamduliaah keep it up take care always vasalam. Jamal Mohamed Melacauvery

Navajudeen. S Saudi Arabia 2004-05-12 06:25:12

Assalamu Alaikkum Mr.Riyaz. How are U. I am very much happy to join our NRIs at the same time I hope this NRI page will be very helpful to all Govindakudi NRIs. Congratulations to all our Green Village NRIs. Thank you very much for in this good oppor

K. M. Noordeen Saudi Arabia 2004-05-11 14:25:23

Assalamu Alaikkum, Dear Riaz, I am very happy to see this site. Al hamdulillah. Keep it up.

Jahir Hussain Brunei Darussalam 2004-05-05 21:40:26

It was so surprise to know that our village portal can be browsed by the Internet, it enables all the villagers to be more informative about state of the art of the IT can deliver at any corner of the world by just a finger touch within a couple of s

A. Giaudeen Safa Park, Jumeira 2004-04-28 10:55:09


Mohamed Riaz, Admin Dubai 2004-04-28 07:09:58

Welcome to Govindakudi Website. Please feel free to send any comments & suggestions. Hope this website will unite all govindakudi residents. Keep visiting this site..

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