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அரசு உயர்நிலை பள்ளி - கோவிந்தகுடி
பள்ளியின் தோற்றம்

GOVINDAKUDI, a typical village in the Valangaiman Taluk, Thiruvarur District, Tamilnadu, South India is mostly based on agriculture. To serve the public of this socially and economically backward area, a Panchayat Union Primary School was started in the year 1913, June 01 and was upgraded as Middle School on 1969, June 8, later as High School in the year 1981 by the continuous effort taken by the public.

It is happy to note that the percentage in the S.S.L.C, Exam is gradually increasing and particularly from the year 2001-02 the percentage is above 80 and from the year 2006-07 the percentage is above 90. The higher percentage is 97 in 2007-08. One of the salient feature of this school is; it is a boon to the public of this village to get higher studies especially the girls from the minority section.

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தேர்வு முடிவுகள்
S.S.L.C மெட்ரிக் 2013
S.S.L.C மெட்ரிக் 2012
S.S.L.C மெட்ரிக் 2011
S.S.L.C மெட்ரிக் 2010
S.S.L.C மெட்ரிக் 2009
S.S.L.C மெட்ரிக் 2008
S.S.L.C மெட்ரிக் 2007
S.S.L.C மெட்ரிக் 2006
S.S.L.C மெட்ரிக் 2005
S.S.L.C மெட்ரிக் 2004

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